Wednesday, June 29, 2005

RANT: Alienware Sucks!

At the beginning of June I ordered a brand new Alienware gaming system for Diarmuid. It looks really cool and its spec would suggest it is comprised of quality components. It's a little more expensive than say a Dell XPS but I'm a big fan of supporting the underdog especially when they try to do something a little different.

Well - more the fool me. I'm still waiting for the system and a call to their helpdesk confirmed that the system hadn't been built yet (as I knew from all their stupid status emails) and they had no idea why. NO IDEA WHY! The system was ordered and paid for almost a month ago!

I'm afraid it looks bad for Alienware - if this is how they build relationships with customers I give them 6 months at most (operating from Ireland anyhow - they are based in Athlone). I don't care how good the system is - if they don't tell me where my order is by this evening I'm going to can the order and get the Dell. Perhaps I should have paid more attention to 24 - did you notice that the bad guys were using Alienware laptops and all the good guys were using Dells? And the bad guys never win so hmmm.... Shit.


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