Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Great Weekend!

We shot off down to Carrick on Friday to join some other boats on a cruise in company. About 25 boats in total took part. We met on Friday night in The Bush Hotel, toddled off on Saturday (after some serious sunbathing) to Boyle Harbour - where we were all transfered to The Royal Hotel and a meal and a table quiz.

Taken aboard our new 'Classy Bird' - photo courtesy of Sean (see RealBoyle).

On Sunday we eased ourselves over to Cootehall where we enjoyed a great Barbeque and good craic afterwards in the Water Splash bar (that was all after the 3 bottles of Champagne and Ice cream in Manfreds with Nuala and Ciaran from Gardeners Way!!). I got some great photo's (if I can say so myself) of the fleet transit over Lough Key - I'll see if I can get them up tonight.

A bit of a dull head on Sunday morning and some fantastic sunshine meant nobody was in any rush for home. We took our time and Shelly and Fidelma caught up with us. The very peaceful Drummon's Island was our destination (back in Lough Key) where we stayed for an hour or so and enjoyed a nice refreshing swim.

We were seriously tempted to stay out for the night but home beckoned (Diarmuid had Football training). The fantasic weather we've been enjoying (after the wettest May in 20 years) is set to continue so I wouldn't be suprised if we managed to get down later in the week for a while.

Photos to follow.


At 1:46 PM, Davey-and-Sam said...

Hi J,

Has Jomanji had a re-spray - she looks bigger and brighter than i remember...must be the spring clean you gave her a month or so ago!

Look'n good for the summer :-)


At 10:40 AM, Jonathan said...

Nope - we traded her in for a 1984 Dutch Pedro 33' Steel cruiser. We've been keeping quiet enough about it until we get the new name on her (Classy Bird) and some decent pics


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