Thursday, November 09, 2006

Quick Hi from San Francisco

I'm away at two Internet conferences in San Francisco. Pictured above with a bunch of the guys out for a 'byte' to eat in a scarey but deadly Indian hole in the wall (BYOB etc.). The weather is great and the first conference Widgets Live was fantastic (I got to do a Demo of our new PollDaddy product in front of 200 industry movers and shakers which was really cool. The second conference, Web2.0 Summit, just started yesterday and it's going great. Great speakers, work shops and tons of free food (and a few drinks for good measure). It's pretty sureal hearing the top guys at companies like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Skype, and AOL (to name just a few) in the flesh (hey, I'm a geek afterall).

AOL are hosting a dinner for all attendees tonight (must be costing them at least 100K!) and afterwards Lou Reed is supposed to be playing! Yeah - Lou Reed!! Can't wait.

It's tough work but somebodies got to do it :)


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