Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lansdowne Road

Triona, John, Diarmuid and myself were that the last Irish Rugby International to be played in Lansdowne Road recently for the Ireland v Pacific Islands match. It was a decent match - the result never being in doubt though. The weekend before Diarmuid, Tim and myself went up for the Australia game which was a different animal altogether with an Irish performance I'll never forget.

We were sitting in the south terrace for both matches which wasn't ideal from a photography point of view. However - if you are interested you can look at some pictures here.


At 9:51 AM, Davey-and-Sam said...

I watched the match and it was a little sad in a way, although we have to move onward and upward. A new stadium will allow more of us eager followers to actually get tickets and watch a game…and the new stadium looks the biz…

How do you guys manage to get tickets so often, I have tried in vain to get international tickets…but without any luck? I am a member of the supporters club, but have been unlucky in the draw so far.

Have you got any tickets for the six nations yet?



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