Monday, February 12, 2007

'Croked' Park

The O'Dowd Hill household was in Croke Park yesterday for the big match. The stadium looked fantastic and the game even with the result did the place proud. I couldn't help but feel that we were mugged in the end. The ref certainly didn't help but I guess any team that plays like Ireland did in the first half doesn't deserve to win on luck alone.

Hopefully opening day jitters are behind them and they'll do the business against the auld enemy - who we hope won't arrive this time on the pitch on the back of trucks with machine guns attached. I guess Wilkinson could be classified as a lethal weapon but hopefully O'Gara will stop firing blanks and cancel him out. (Wasn't he awful yesterday?)

I took some pics using my xpan camera (35mm Panoramic film) and I should have the negatives back tomorrow so I'll get them up on the site for you all to see.


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