Thursday, July 07, 2005

Alienware - The Conclusion?

OK Shelly - I promise this is the last installment on this :)

Well - I had to call them back as I hadn't heard from them (they promised they would call me back in an hour - after 5 I gave in). Finally got talking to a tech who at least seemed to know how to go about tracing the problem and between us we fixed it. Sound (pun intended). Now it turns out that they shipped the wrong CD drive (was supposed to have a DVD drive in it) but I couldn't be arsed to go through the process of getting this resolved as it would be cheaper to just buy the one I want from and install it myself.

The system is up and running and it's pretty sharp. The Hyundai 19inch 8ms LCD TFT is a marvel alone. It's a real shame that they just couldn't have taken more care when QA'ing the system (faster shipping would have been nice to).


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