Saturday, July 09, 2005

Got a new zoom lens this week - a 100-400 IS EF L Canon jobby and used it to get this shot of a young greenfinch this morning from the back door of the house. Compared to my other lenses this one kicks ass. This image hasn't been touched and was shot hand held fully extended. It should come in handy for the new Rugby season!

It's a monster!


At 3:04 AM, Paul Owens said...

F*%k....That is a monster...I need one!!!

Jonathan, that looks awesome. We will expect some fantastic wildlife shots soon. I was trying to get some humming bird shots the other day on our Cannon EOS with a 300mm. I'm afraid they will still be pins. It had to be on 35mm film since my digital is not nearly fast enough. Will soon get them developed. I'll send the best one over if it's any good.



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