Thursday, October 06, 2005

SF Web 2.0 : Day 2

Yesterday was a very busy day, and sort of over overwhelming. 13 new businesses were launched and they were all really amazing (none making money yet but that doesn't seem to matter here in web2.0 world - yet at least). Most of the discussions were excellent and the speakers of the highest caliber (Ray Ozzie for instance). Microsoft sprung for dinner then for all guests last night (there is almost a thousand attending!) - Surf and Turf - and it was excellent. Google then had an open bar for the rest of the night. Of course I'm doing my best for Ireland Inc. and participating in everything :) I'm meeting up with some old friends tonight after dinner (Enterprise Ireland are buying tonight) and I'm looking forward to that. Battle on I say.

Here's another really interesting picture of the event (not). I'll do the tourist thing at the weekend and hopefully get some typical SF images (there's a really cool thing called fleetweek beginning here this evening which involves the Navy and the Blue Angels). More later.


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