Friday, September 30, 2005

PC Times

I thought I had a great excuse for not having updated this recently - I gave up my photography laptop to a new employee (everybody say aaah) and I ordered a cool XPS one from Dell and it's been delayed until the middle of October!! I ordered it on the 12th of September! Something about a shortage of parts and compensation - that's all I could make out of the phone call.

Anyhow - I had setup our home system for blogging as well (Triona is supposed to be a contributor now) but guess what - that system won't bloody boot and looks like it's completely knackered (and all my music). Now - Diarmuid is asking me why are you pulling the side off my computer (long story) and why are you using that etc. etc. You see my excuse was that I had no system to use at home but Diarmuids one is great, so great actually that I think I'll just load up all my stuff on it and I'm sure Triona is thinking the very same. You see he had no internet access until recently so nobody bothered with his PC - but now ....sweet.


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