Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Quick Update

I know I'm getting a bit tardy with these blog entries - sorry about that. Feeling a little swamped at the moment. I guess what we need to do is take some weekends off - of course though if we do that then you'll have nothing interesting (?) to read. Anyhow :) Big hello to Maria (who can't get through the day without reading this site), and Netty (whose having a fantastic time down under and checks in regularly).

We had a fantastic weekend down at the Electric Picnic in Stradbally. What an amazing venue and festival! Jenny, Tim, Shelly, Benny, Fidelma, Triona and myself headed down on Saturday morning (in beautiful weather, all weekend actually) and found ourselves a 'camp site' (that's another entry) in a field a small ways outside the town with 'security'. I didn't bring a camera with me but Triona did and she'll be posting pictures shortly which explain everything (oh dear). We'll be heading back next year for sure.

Diarmuid and myself are off to see Ireland v France (World Cup Qualifier, Soccer) tomorrow evening courtesy of Triona's uncontrollable urge to 'play' the auction game :) We're not complaining though. I'll post more shortly.


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