Friday, September 30, 2005

Vernon God Little

Had to give a presentation in Enterprise Ireland's office in Merrion Hall in Dublin yesterday to a roomful of people and I suspect they were wondering what the hell I was doing there presenting to them in the first place. Quite nerve wrecking but once I got going the verbal diarrhea came hence forth at pace (note to self, learn how to use Powerpoint properly).

Flying home after the presentation yesterday was a real treat! Peter Finlay (aka DBC Pierre) sat down beside me. This is the guy who wrote Vernon God Little - a book I love. This is a MAN Booker price winner - this is a Whitbread winner for god's sake - and he sat down beside me! Of course immediately I blurted out that I was a big fan of his work and asked about any new work (I'm sure people like this are fed up of muppets like me asking them stupid questions) - he was so cool! While he didn't give the plot away he told me that his new book has just been completed (first draft) and that the publishers are kicking his ass about getting it to market. I think the process involved in producing Vernon God Little was a little drawn out for their liking. It's coming out on St. Patricks day in March and I can't wait (he says it's different but just as mad).

The flight itself was great fun as well. There was some big cross winds as we were coming into Sligo and the plane was all over the place. Pierre (my friend now) started talking really loudly about what we'd eat when the plane crashed and suggested that there might be large wild life running around - this was to the absolute horror of the two women sitting in front of us - they were appalled and scared shitless. It was absolutely magic and something I probably won't forget for a very long time. Besides I find bad landings exhilarating.

When we got off the plane all the baggage and ground crew were dressed up as firemen. The whole thing felt almost as farcical as DBC's book. Fantastic.


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