Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Well done Chris!

Chris's star is obviously rising - he's got his very own page now on Wikipedia! check it out here.

This photo was taken on a recent visit to London - I'll post some more pics shortly. And I'll post some photos from my recent trips to Belarus and San Francisco. Good grief what have I been doing this last while...

I just found out yesterday that I can now use the letters MMII after my name - hooray for me! (Member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland). I wonder if I'll get paid more now?


Friday, March 23, 2007

The News in sixty seconds

Sorry it's been so long since we posted last. These 'is' busy times...
  • Jenny, Tim and SadieMay - welcome back from Oz! They've been away now for 3 weeks. Can't believe it's passed so quickly.
  • I just got back from an 8 day trip to Belarus working for Chernobyl Childcare (Ireland). Very interesting trip. I'm working on a photo essay which I'll post soon.
  • The O'Dowd Hill clan had a very typical St. Patrick's day this year (for the first time in donkey's years). Parade - then pub. We were joined by Tri's brother John and his Son Sean. Great craic and mighty sport to keep us sober for the day.
  • Diarmuid's had a pretty successful run with his Rugby. They just bet the u13 favourites, Corinthians from Galway, in a hell of a tough match in terrible weather in the Connacht Cup. They are through to the semi-final now and the team is looking good. I'll be posting some pics soon over at the SligoRFC site. They are going well in the league as well with a match tomorrow against Creggs at Sligo.
  • I've re-worked my photoblog - see the results here. I'm going to try to post a new photo at least 5 times a week so make sure to check it out often and leave your comments - good or bad. I'm trying to develop a style at the moment so the more feedback I get as I experiment the better.
  • Work for both of us is going well and busy. Diarmuid is playing more rugby at the moment that school work - both at school and at home.
  • The Youngs are coming to visit us this weekend - thank god we had some practice last weekend or we'd be in big trouble :)
That's all I can think of at the moment. We'll try to post more regularly - it would be a great help if the rest of ye would also keep your blogs up to date!!


Friday, February 02, 2007

Any news? craic?

Don't really have time for blogging at the moment? Anybody got any news they want to share?

  • Congrats to Paul and Lynne on the news that they are about to move closer to 2.4 childern - well done!
  • SadieMay (Jenny & Tim's little bundle of joy) will be sold into the Catholic Church tomorrow.
  • I've got tickets for the Ireland v France game in Croke Park next weekend -hahahahahaha. Go on ya good thing!
Any more news to add to the list?