Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ireland v Romania

Diarmuid was at the Ireland v Romania rugby match at the weekend (with the Sligo Rugby Club Under 12's). Ireland won handy enough thankfully and Diarmuid captured this great pic during the singing of 'Irelands Call' - it looks like we might have a proper photographer in the house.

Monday, November 28, 2005

How Mad Is That!!

The Ray D'Arcy show on TodayFM invited people all over Ireland to take some pictures on the 1st of October, 2005 (a snap shot of Ireland so to speak) and email them in (more). They were to be compiled into a book with the proceeds going to charity (Childline). The project was expected to gather about 5,000 images - instead over 20,000 were received, and unfortunately they could only publish 2,000 of them. We (Tri, Diarmuid and myself) all submitted images....

Well the book was just released at the weekend - it's called 'Us' and each of us have a picture in it!! (I've got 2).

Here's Triona's one, titled 'My Saturday'

If you want to see our other pictures you better go and buy a copy of the book. If you live abroad just email me and I will arrange a copy for you. It's €15 a copy with €10 going to charity (it's worth a lot more as it's really good quality and the pictures are fantastic)

UPDATE: One of my photo's was mentioned on 'The Panel' last night on TV! (as being a typically Irish, 'A hang over cure')

Friday, November 25, 2005


We: Jenny, Tim, Denise, Triona and me-self, finally made it over to visit Chris & Laura in London. We had a great weekend - flying out from Knock made it so stress free and convenient (makes you wonder why you didn't go before this) and we had a pretty easy going time of it there.

We arrvied on Friday and headed over to Teddington Studio's to see the filming of the first episode of Chris's new show - 'The I.T. Crowd' - a sitcom written and directed by Graham Linehan (of Fr. Ted/Black Books fame). It'll be on Channel 4 in February and unless the post production team really f*ck it up it'll be great. Anyhow - we got the green room treatment and lapped it up (it was sort of bizarre but we felt like we belonged there - at least that's what Denise kept repeating).

We stayed in this really shitty hotel on Clapham Common (near the guys flat) called the Euro Clapham Hotel (it used to be the Dudley) . It was a total and absolute dump/shit hole/dive/etc.. I've never stayed anywhere nearly as bad before (including hostels). It looks great from the outside but you enter a different dimension when you get inside. Steer clear unless you like that sort of thing. On the positive side you didn't have to go far to get outside and the weather was fab.

In Chris & Laura's lovely flat. Thankfully it was near the hotel :) We did the high st. on our way there, hung out for a while, and then hit Covent Garden for a lovely evening, topped off with the hottest curry I've ever eaten (and I like them hot). Wicked little b*stard of a thing it was. The tube surfing was a new experience and comes highly recommended - thanks Laura.

Christ with his Bafta award

For the record..

Chris on food duty (or was that drink?). I love the hard hat. I think it's very important that everybody have one these in their kitchen.

Thanks Chris & Laura for a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

More Table Quiz photo's

A classic 'Jenny' shot

Team 'Seamus' - The Winners

The girls...

Benny & Micky, with wine.

The birthday girl! (check out the guy in the bottom left hand corner having a good auld dig at his nose. nice).

Thursday, November 17, 2005

BAFTA Winner!

Big congratulations to Chris O'Dowd (Triona's brother) who recently received a Scottish BAFTA award for Best Actor for his part in the film 'Festival'.

I haven't had a chance to see the movie yet but I'm told there are some 'interesting' scene's involving vodka and nudity.

I did a quick vanity google on Chris and was amazed at the amount of results I found - Chris, your a online legend already - see here and here.

As luck would have it we're off to London to see Chris this weekend - should be fun!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Table Quiz Update

The table quiz in aid of our Trek for Amnesty International next year was a great success with over 800 euro's raised. Tim and Jenny did a great job with the questions and everybody had a great time. Congratulations to team 'Seamus' (or is that Shaymus) who won on the night.

We've almost four thousand euro to raise for the trek and if you'd like to lend your support (which we'd really appreciate) you can donate using this button:

Friday, November 11, 2005

Happy Birthday Jenny!

It's Jenny's birthday today, and we're all heading down to Donnellans to celebrate and hopefully raise some money for our (Tim et moi) trek in Scotland next year by way of a table quiz.

Should be a great, late night - more later.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Brussel Sprouts

Some of you may be wondering what the heck is going on with this blog and I wouldn't blame you. I've been really busy at work lately and I've just got back from yet another software conference, in Brussels (we were one of the sponsors).

As conferences go it was pretty good with beer tasting galore (there are 1400 beers brewed at present in Belgium!! - needless to say I didn't get to taste them all, yet - the above beer was 9.2%!!!).

Of course I brought no proper camera (the pic above was taken with my mobile - I'm waiting on a new compact - the DSLR kit is a little too large for such events) but if you are in 'need' of pictures please have a look here - I believe you can see the back of my head in at least 1 picture.

Anyhow - here's to more frequent posts and less work.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More Halloween pictures

Doirbhle & John's happy haunted house in Queen's, New York. Nice Job Doirbhle - you've inspired us for next year!

The Wicked Witch of the West - Triona waiting excitedly last evening for her 'vicitims'

Diarmuid the Nerd

This was Diarmuid's Trick or Treat outfit. His choice. Diarmuid thinks there's nothing scarier that a nerd (and I think he does a reasonably good job of proving that)

Congratulations Honor & Paul

Honor Doyle & Paul Pender at their wedding recently (October 21st) in the Riverside Hotel in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. Honor looks after Tech Support at Infacta so most of the gang headed down (pictures not fit for public consumption). Some of you may have heard Paul being interviewed on Today FM by 'Ronan' (everybody singing : oh yes he's the great Paul Pender oooh whoo ooh whooo ....).

Honor was an impressive 40 minutes late for the church but it was worth it as she looked fantastic (and the groom was much relieved).

A great day, night and hangover was had by all!