Monday, April 30, 2007

Diarmuid's Team are Connacht Champions!

It's official - Diarmuid's rugby team are Connacht League and Cup champions for 2007! They gave Creggs a good stuffing yesterday in the Cup Final, 38 - 5 and won the League by default after the remaining teams they had to play chickened out and gave them walk overs.

The Club PRO and President described Diarmuid's performance as a "Man of the Match" display - read his report here and you can see more photos from the game here.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

San Francisco

I'm just back from a conference (Web2Expo) in San Francisco.

Derek and Lenny (also from Infacta) came along with me as well. I've been to San Fran before but I never got a chance to do any site seeing so I made a point of including one free day in the itinerary this time so we could do the touristy thing.

Being the energetic types that we are (not!) we rented some bikes and took a cycle over The Golden Gate bridge, had a wander around Sausalito (beautiful place), took a ferry back (past Alcatraz) across the bay, then hopped on a tram (Powell and Market line) and finished with some lite shopping (Nordstroms). Now that's tourism a man's way! (ie condensed and quick).

I highly recommend renting bikes if you ever go out there - it was a really great way to scoot around (and those American bikes are a hoot to cycle).

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

u13 Connacht Final

Diarmuid's Under 13 Rugby Team have made this years Connacht Final. It will be played this Sunday at 1pm in The Sportsgrounds, Galway.

Their opposition are the giant toppling minnows from Creggs whom Sligo beat comprehensively earlier this year in the league.

Yours trurly has blagged a press pass from The Sligo Champion so I'll be able to get in pitch side and take some photos. A full match report will be posted on Monday on the site.

If you have some spare time this Sunday your support would be appreciated. If you need a lift just leave us a comment and I'll try and arrange something.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sligo Rugby Club Dinner Dance

The Annual Rugby Club dinner dance was on last Saturday night. I just got back from San Francisco that day so the night passed in a somewhat surreal way (I was hopped off my head on red bull - yuck).

Denise, Jenny and Tim joined us as well as a few other friends who quite frankly aren't good looking enough to feature on the blog - I jest I jest - I'm just to lazy.

See? I have winnnngs!

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Well done Chris!

Chris's star is obviously rising - he's got his very own page now on Wikipedia! check it out here.

This photo was taken on a recent visit to London - I'll post some more pics shortly. And I'll post some photos from my recent trips to Belarus and San Francisco. Good grief what have I been doing this last while...

I just found out yesterday that I can now use the letters MMII after my name - hooray for me! (Member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland). I wonder if I'll get paid more now?