Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The O'Dowd Hill clan are back from the skiing - pretty much in one piece. The same can't be said for the Young's however - poor Eoin broke his arm trying to avoid a 'munckin'

Will post some pics as soon as I find the lead for our wee compact.

If you have a chance make sure to check this out - it's a scream!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Diarmuid 'Zoolander' O'Dowd Hill Devasted!!

It just dawned on the wannabee hand model, Diarmuid Zoolander O'Dowd Hill, that his career has been desperately cut short by the abuse his poor pinky has suffered at the hands of his dreadful parents. He has gone into seclusion and is said to be considering his future. Rumour has it that a lawsuit could be iminent...

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Terrible Parents!

Diarmuid hurt his hand a couple of weeks ago in a rugby match against Monivea. He got a fairly nasty cut on his figure but we didn't think much of it - just clean it up and you'll be grand... well to cut a long story short Diarmuid and Triona spent 7 hours in casualty waiting to get his finger re-broke and set properly. He had an acute fracture it seems and it was well on the way to healing - in a nicely bent state.

Of course Diarmuid played 3 hard matches since the incident (without much complaint it has to be said) with his warped digit and was about to go skiing with it. Now, with a freshly broken finger he'll be staying indoors while we try to break our own bones.

I don't think we'll get away with 'Ah sure you'll be grant - it's just a bit of swelling' again. Oh the guilt.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

More ski pics

Tri on the Piste!

...ok, can't use that joke again - here's Kerry after screaming all the way down the mountain. You see Kerry doesn't know how to turn and she has no comprehension of fear - a pretty alarming cocktail.

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Ski Time

We are heading away skiing this weekend - a little later than usual. I took some pics while away last year but never got around to doing anything with them (I just got a new film scanner so no excuses left). The pic above is Diarmuid - done panoramic style.

Below is the view from the front of the hotel we stayed in (Le Bergers, Alp D'Huez).

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'Croked' Park

The O'Dowd Hill household was in Croke Park yesterday for the big match. The stadium looked fantastic and the game even with the result did the place proud. I couldn't help but feel that we were mugged in the end. The ref certainly didn't help but I guess any team that plays like Ireland did in the first half doesn't deserve to win on luck alone.

Hopefully opening day jitters are behind them and they'll do the business against the auld enemy - who we hope won't arrive this time on the pitch on the back of trucks with machine guns attached. I guess Wilkinson could be classified as a lethal weapon but hopefully O'Gara will stop firing blanks and cancel him out. (Wasn't he awful yesterday?)

I took some pics using my xpan camera (35mm Panoramic film) and I should have the negatives back tomorrow so I'll get them up on the site for you all to see.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Any news? craic?

Don't really have time for blogging at the moment? Anybody got any news they want to share?

  • Congrats to Paul and Lynne on the news that they are about to move closer to 2.4 childern - well done!
  • SadieMay (Jenny & Tim's little bundle of joy) will be sold into the Catholic Church tomorrow.
  • I've got tickets for the Ireland v France game in Croke Park next weekend -hahahahahaha. Go on ya good thing!
Any more news to add to the list?