Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Terrible Parents!

Diarmuid hurt his hand a couple of weeks ago in a rugby match against Monivea. He got a fairly nasty cut on his figure but we didn't think much of it - just clean it up and you'll be grand... well to cut a long story short Diarmuid and Triona spent 7 hours in casualty waiting to get his finger re-broke and set properly. He had an acute fracture it seems and it was well on the way to healing - in a nicely bent state.

Of course Diarmuid played 3 hard matches since the incident (without much complaint it has to be said) with his warped digit and was about to go skiing with it. Now, with a freshly broken finger he'll be staying indoors while we try to break our own bones.

I don't think we'll get away with 'Ah sure you'll be grant - it's just a bit of swelling' again. Oh the guilt.

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